Pixel Car

Pixel art brings back a great nostalgic feeling for gamers who grew up playing games in the 80is. This technique is commonly visible in video games, based on the first 8-bit and 16-bit computers and consoles graphics. Back in the day, pixel art was mandatory because computers had limited memory and storage capacity, requiring artists to constrain themselves in terms of size and color depth of their assets. Today it’s visible in a multitude of indie games developments, arcade games, retro games or smartphone games due to its lower “weight”.

I like Pixel art and 3D modelling, this animation was created using several technics. This is my approach on creating a Pixel Art look:

I first created a Low-Poly car

pixel car

Then added a scene, lights and particles

pixel car

Then changed the camera to a kind of isometric/parallel view.

I rendered the animation with reduced dimension.

pixel car

for finally scaling it back to get the pixel look.

pixel car

That's it

This was tagged lowpoly pixelart , you can find me on twitter @setgraphic